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December 12, 2017

New IV hydration lounge specializes in curing hangovers

City Hydration also offers therapies for cold and flu, jet lag and fatigue symptoms

You know the story. An innocent evening of drinks with friends turns into a sloppy night of slinging back Citywide specials and looking for food at 3 a.m.

The next day your lofty ambitions of doing laundry, running errands, or, say, showering has instead become a day of watching TV (on low volume), shoveling Chipotle into your mouth, and cursing your body for its inability to bounce back after a night of multiple drinks now that you're past the age of 25.

If you’ve got some cash to spare, a trip to City Hydration, Philadelphia’s latest IV therapy treatment lounge, may be worth the expense in the name of hangover relief.

For $179 – one of the most expensive services offered at City Hydration – customers can purchase the Hangover Relief package, an IV drip that infuses normal saline, B-complex, and glutathione, plus anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory drugs zofran and toradol for a treatment that sounds effective in easing away your dull headache and pukey vibes.

City Hydration – at 1315 Walnut St., Suite 1403 – isn’t limited to just hangover cures. Services also include Cold and Flu, Jet Lag and Fatigue, Health Maintenance and Energy, and a $65 Standard Hydration. More specific services include the Beauty IV, designed to heal your skin from daily stress, and the Athletic Performance IV, which is meant to replenish muscle fatigue and dehydration.

Because leaving your bed or couch is one of the biggest hurdles when dealing with a hangover or illness, City Hydration also will do house calls for an extra charge.

Founder Christie D’Arcy has been a nurse for 12 years, working in emergency rooms and intensive care units around the country, according to Philly Mag. She noticed the trend of IV therapy lounges in other cities – you’ll find several throughout L.A., New York, D.C., and Florida, for example – and decided to open shop in Philly.

“This city is filled with people that would benefit in so many ways from infusions,” D’Arcy told Philly Mag. “This city works hard, plays hard, and should have a chance to recover quickly. I see infusions as that chance.”

City Hydration boasts a cozy lounge area in its Center City location, but its services aren’t the first of its kind in Philly. Restore IV in East Falls offers similar treatments, such as the Detox IV for hangovers, and Enhance IV in Bala Cynwyd has two hangover IVs to choose from – normal and “epic.”

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