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August 16, 2015

New start-up aims to become LinkedIn for college apps

St. Joseph's and Drexel have added ZeeMee to their application process

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Drexel University Thom Carroll/for PhillyVoice

Drexel University

St. Joseph's University and Drexel University have signed an agreement with a Silicon Valley start-up that helps students create online, multi-media profiles of themselves to add to their college applications, the Philadelphia Business Journal reported.

The product is ZeeMee, which functions like a LinkedIn page for college applications. Students highlight their passions and add photos, videos and documents to paint a richer portrait of who they really are.

The service is free and will be an optional addition to the application.

"We really wanted something to help students create a three-dimensional view of themselves," Melissa Calder, associate director of communications and admissions at St. Joseph's, told PBJ. 

The school was already seeing a trend of students submitting videos or CDs to go with their applications and decided to add ZeeMee to the application system. 

"We see more and more links to web pages or YouTube clips included in the application by the student every year," said Calder.

At least five more agreements with local colleges are in the works. Any student can create a ZeeMee page and send colleges the link whether the college has signed an agreement with the company or not.