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December 24, 2018

The New Yorker calls Gritty one of 2018's few good men

"Gritty is magic because he is pure male id, but without any of the menace"

New Yorker magazine, yes the New Yorker, has surveyed the field of famous American men and has announced that Flyers mascot and media sensation Gritty is a man among men, indeed one of the few the venerable publication could love in a year of wretched male behavior. 

After listing the various scandals and misbehaviors of men as varied as former CBS head Leslie Moonves, business titan Elon Musk and President Donald Trump, magazine writer Naomi Fry said she "pored over the data and dug up a smattering of men who didn’t do so horribly this year, "

Gritty was at the top of the list.

As far as Fry was concerned the "one man we loved to love was Gritty...This viral sensation has brought so much joy to our lives since his début, in September, that it’s difficult to believe that, mere months ago, we were Gritty- less. The instantly meme-able monster physically resembles Animal, the out-of-control drummer from “The Muppet Show,” crossed with the stolidly barrel-shaped Homer Simpson.

"Gritty is part cute stuffed toy, part barely repressed hurricane," she went on to gush. "Gritty is magic because he is pure male id, but without any of the menace."

No word yet on whether all this adulation from one of the nation's most influential magazines has gone to the orange, furry goof-balls head yet. 

We bet not.