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September 15, 2019

Live updates/open thread: Non-Eagles Sunday afternoon, Week 2

The Philadelphia Eagles will take on the Atlanta Falcons on the road on Sunday Night Football, but before we get there, there's a full slate of NFL games to watch first.

In case you missed our Week 2 picks, you can find them here.

Here is today's slate of games:

Early games:

  1. 49ers at Bengals
  2. Chargers at Lions
  3. Vikings at Packers
  4. Colts at Titans
  5. Patri*ts at Dolphins
  6. Bills at Giants
  7. Seahawks at Steelers
  8. Cowboys at Washington
  9. Cardinals at Ravens
  10. Jaguars at Texans

There are three Super Bowl rematches in the early games.

Late games: 

  1. Chiefs at Raiders
  2. Bears at Broncos
  3. Saints at Rams

If you missed our non-Eagles rooting guide, you can find that here.

Follow the action here and discuss the games in the comments below.