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October 22, 2015

No more meddling with the baseball gods

Request of Philly to root for the Chicago Cubs in the NLCS fails miserably

Hello. You may remember me from such PhillyVoice posts as "10 reasons Philly fans should root for the Chicago Cubs," a heartfelt plea for support at a time of intense cheering-interest need.

Well, if you've paid any attention to the happenings of the past week, you've learned such requests are woefully ineffective, to the tune of a team forgetting how to play defense and provide clutch hitting while remembering how to provide easy storylines for the types of folks who perpetuate rumors of long-standing curses.

It sucked. Don't @ me if you disagree.

Anyway, as was wholly and deservedly expected, one person who disagreed with the actions I took in a feeble attempt to derail his dreams of a World Series title reached out via email. 

Here's what Mark, a self-described "loyal Met Fan and NY refugee living in Philadelphia" had to say via email:

"Please write another article on why Phillies fans should root for the AL against the Mets. 
"Met fans do not need the Phillies support!! 
"I [sic] was sweet to see Philadelphia's own Bill Giles present the trophy's last night. Unlike the Phil's [sic] 4 Aces in 2010 the Met Aces came through and won the big games. 

You're quite welcome, Mark. However, I will not be honoring your request. 

For one thing, it doesn't appear to me that the Mets need any help (though I'd worry that the extended layoff may slow David Murphy's rhythm.)

For another, I did take a couple digs at the Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals last week, what with tapping into Philly's collective disdain for Joe Carter's Series-winning dinger in '93 and outsourcing the K.C. diss to Louie C.K.

And finally, baseball is dead to me until April 2016, when I will again believe that this is finally the Cubs year.

So, Mark, enjoy your time in the sun for you never know whether this is the Mets' last chance to win a Series for the next 108 years.