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January 14, 2015

NRA suing Philadelphia for enacting firearm ordinance

Organization claims action violates state law

The National Rifle Association is taking legal action against Philadelphia and two other Pennsylvania cities, thanks to a new state law.

According to ABC news, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Lancaster are being sued by the NRA for enacting local gun laws despite a state law which forbids them to do so. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh have already challenged the new law that allows the NRA to challenge their laws, citing a potential violation of transparency laws. 

Chris Cox, executive director for the NRA's Institute for Legislative Action, says that local laws, "do not make people safer." The NRA is expected to go after several other Pennsylvania municipalities in court as well.

According to CBS news, NRA attorney Jonathan Goldstein expects the organization's actions to have lasting effects:

"We expect every municipality to repeal ordinances that are pre-empted. If other folks don't get on board with what the law requires, they can expect to hear from us in due course."

The law, signed by Governor Tom Corbett last year, allows for the NRA to sue local municipalities on the behalf of individuals for locally enacted gun provisions. It also allows for individuals to collect legal fees from the municipality if a lawsuit is successful.