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September 26, 2015

Pa. congressman 'disappointed' by Pope Francis

Lawmaker from Chester County wanted more socially conservative talking points

While Pope Francis' Thursday speech at Congress caused one Philadelphia lawmaker to swipe a glass of discarded papal water, and left John Boehner in tears before quitting his job, one Southeastern Pennsylvania politician left the speech "disappointed."

According to Vox, Rep. Joe Pitts, whose constituency covers most of Lancaster County as well as parts of Chester and Berks counties, is a staunch social conservative. 

Pitts, a Republican, was less than satisfied that during the pope's address to lawmakers in D.C., specifically noting his vague references to same-sex marriage and abortion. Per Vox: 

"I was disappointed that he didn't use his forum to speak on behalf of the unborn and on marriage," Pitts said, acknowledging that the pope did make "very veiled" references to those issues.

As Vox points out, the pontiff did make references to those issues but he was not very explicit. Pitts also posted a more positive review about the speech to his official Facebook page, putting the emphasis on abortion: 

Pope Francis is the most popular and respected leader in the world today because of his personal example of gentleness, humility, and kindness. Today's speech, centered around the examples of four great Americans, was a moral exhortation to Congress to use its power for the sake of those without power. I hope that my colleagues and I will go forth now, inspired by his message, to protect life at every stage, defend the family, and create opportunity for those in need.

Pitts' socially conservative record is strong. He denounced the Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage and attempted to tack on an amendment to the Affordable Care Act preventing federal funding to go toward abortions.