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April 15, 2016

Pa. State Police: Call us if you lost a big bag of weed

Hiker reportedly found quarter pound of marijuana and turned it over to state troopers

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Alaska became the third U.S. state to legalize recreational marijuana on Tuesday, Feb. 24.

With Pennsylvania just a Governor Wolf signature away from legalizing medical marijuana, state police in Huntingdon County are feeling a bit generous about their treatment of the substance, which remains illegal for recreational purposes. 

In a bizarre report appearing on PennLive, troopers from the PSP Huntingdon barracks are asking for the owner of a lost quarter-pound of marijuana to give them a call. 

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The bag of weed was reportedly found March 19 by a hiker at Rothrock State Forest in Jackson Township. Instead of keeping it, the hiker turned it over to state troopers.

PennLive references a state police news release that reads, "The owner of the property is urged to contact PSP Huntingdon."

A baffled trooper at the Huntingdon PSP, reached by phone on Friday, said he was not at all aware of a bag of marijuana being held at the barracks, but suggested calling back another time. 

Commenters at PennLive had a field day with the absurdity of the report. 

"Being from Huntingdon, I won't be surprised if someone does call in," said dasholt. 

"It started out as a pound. By next week they will be looking for someone who lost 1/2 ounce," joked Doc Holliday. 

"Dear PSP, the item in your possession belongs to a dear friend of mine," wrote mootrox. "Her name is Mary Jane. As Mary Jane is out of town today on another hike in the woods, I will be happy to pick up the item and relieve you of the burden of keeping it. Of course, I will make sure she gets it upon her return. Just let me know. Thank you."

In case anyone reading this is or knows the person who lost this baggie, the number to call is 814-627-3161. The dispatcher is extremely busy, so you may want to make your claim well in advance of April 20.