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November 19, 2015

WATCH: Here's what 31 turnovers in an NBA game looks like

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111915_Stauskas_AP Matt Slocum/AP

31 turnovers seems like it would be hard to reach even if you tried.

On Wednesday night, the Sixers did something I don't think I've ever seen in an NBA game before -- they turned the ball over 31 times in their 112-85 loss to the Pacers.

Now, thanks to CSN Philly, you can take in all 31 of them in one three minute clip.

Oh, god. They look even worse watching them the second time...

That was just two nights after turning the ball over 27 times in their loss to the Mavericks. Not surprisingly, the Sixers lead the NBA in turnovers, and are doing so at a ridiculous rate.

Through 12 games, they're averaging 19.1 turnovers per 100 possessions (or nearly one every five times down the floor) -- that's one every two and a half minutes. By comparison, they go an average a 1.4 minutes between made field goals. Both numbers are league-worsts.

Against the Pacers, however, it was just special to watch. It was like a car crash that you couldn't look away from, but better. At least with this you knew the only thing that was getting seriously damaged was the players' pride. The Sixers managed to turn the ball over once every 1.5 minutes, which was dangerously close to their FG rate (1.4 minutes per).

"When you break down the turnovers, they come from all areas," coach Brett Brown said after the game. "From stepping out of bounds to travels to post feeds to kick aheads in early offense to driving and playing in a crowd. So it's not like they're coming from a single area."

And, boy, was he right -- all 11 Sixers that played in the game committed at least one.

T.J. McConnell5
Robert Covington4
Jahlil Okafor3
Hollis Thompson3
Phil Pressey3
JaKarr Sampson3
Jerami Grant2
Nerlens Noel2
Nik Stauskas2
Isaiah Canaan1
Christian Wood1

*There were also two "team turnovers" that weren't credited to individual players.

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