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April 02, 2015

Pairing tea and cheese

Local food blogger calls favorite snacks a 'deconstructed latte'

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04012015_TeaAndCheese Alexis Siemons/Teaspoons & Petals

Local blogger Alexis Siemons says the pairing of tea and cheese is like "a deconstructed latte."

Just as pairing wine with the right cheese can enhance your culinary experience, the same can be said for tea and cheese, according to local blogger Alexis Siemons.

"Consider the pairing of tea and cheese to be a deconstructed latte (if you fancy adding milk to your tea)," Siemons wrote in a piece for Fresh Cup Magazine.

"A splash of milk may have been lovingly stirred into your morning robust black tea blend or your masala chai could have been simmered in milk on the stove. We seek out lattes for their richness and comforting sensations. But rather than steep tea into the milk, we have a chance to play with dairy delights that have been nurtured, aged, pushed, and shaped to achieve complex flavors that simple milk can’t bring to the table."

She suggests pairing teas and cheeses that are in season, or choosing rich, creamy, soft cheeses for a familiar latte flavor.

Unlike chilled or room temperature wine or beer, the warmth of tea allows the cheese to melt and coat your palate for richer flavors. Keep in mind that the experience needs to build over time. Start by sipping the tea several times to let the complex tastes build on your palate. Nibble a few bites of cheese, letting the dairy coat your tongue, and then alternate between the two to notice how the cheese or tea begins to change. And of course, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can always dip the cheese in the tea to quickly heat up the melting marvel.

Siemons is a tea enthusiast, writer and consultant living in Philadelphia. She also teaches a series of culinary tea classes.

See more tea-inspired recipes and stories on her website, Teaspoons & Petals.