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August 02, 2016

PATCO to reserve parking spots for electric cars

Owners of electric vehicles will soon have an easier time parking before boarding a PATCO train.

The transit agency announced on Tuesday that 10 parking spots will be reserved at five stations for electric vehicles, beginning Aug. 15.

“Electric vehicles will certainly play a role in the future of transportation. One of the ways we can encourage sustainable transportation and environmental stewardship is through the designation of electric vehicle preferred parking spots, which in turn adds value for our riders,” PATCO General Manager John Rink said. “This decision demonstrates our continuing dedication and responsibility to the environment and our customers.”

Two spots will be available at the following stations: Lindenwold, Ashland, Woodcrest, Haddonfield and Westmont.

However, those spots will not feature a charging port.

PATCO is accepting input from the public via an online survey to determine if there is interest in charging stations.

In Philadelphia, an ordinance went into effect in July requiring developers to provide charging stations for electric vehicles.