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April 08, 2019

This dairy-free drink was created to promote healthy aging

Perennial says its blend optimized for folks ages 50 and up

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Perennial says its non-dairy beverages boast a "clean taste, with a hint of nutty vanilla.”

In the world of wellness, striving toward longevity is certainly a primary effort — all those green smoothies are an effort to retain your healthfulness for life.

Perennial is a plant-based vegan startup company tackling the issue of aging by targeting nutrient-rich products at individuals age 50 and older.

The brand launched its inaugural product, also dubbed Perennial, in early April. The company says in a news release that it is “a clean, plant-based, nutrient packed, non-dairy beverage, utilizing a proprietary combination of fiber, vitamins and plant protein 'cassettes,' that targets healthy aging.” Its nutritional profile lines up with two-percent dairy milk, it adds.

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According to the Perennial website, the plant protein-laden drink boosts mental sharpness thanks to a blend of omega-3’s, choline, vitamin B12, vitamin E and folate, and promotes a diverse array of gut bacteria with its prebiotic fiber. The beverage is a blend of pea protein, non-GMO soy protein, almonds and rice protein.

As for the taste, Perennial describes it as “clean taste, with a hint of nutty vanilla.” Of course, the beverage is non-dairy, non-GMO, gluten-free and free of any artificial sweeteners or colors.

While Perennial’s products are new to the market, the company’s founders are not. Brent Taylor, a 2010 Penn Wharton graduate, and Sara Bonham teamed up after Taylor co-founded Beyond Meat, the extremely popular plant-based burger, sausage and meat brand, according to the release.

As of right now, Perennial products can be purchased through their website. The current offering includes a 12-pack of eight-ounce beverages for $34.99.

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