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April 22, 2017

Philadelphia Eagles' odds for Week 1, the Super Bowl and Adrian Peterson

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Now that the 2017 NFL schedule has been released, bookmakers have been quick to post Week 1 lines for each game., a Costa Rica-based gambling site, has the Eagles as three-point underdogs Week 1 in Washington.

The Eagles, however, have fairly interesting Super Bowl odds, as they appear in the top half of league in terms of highest odds to win it all. 

To note, the numbers below indicate how much you would win on a $100 bet. For example, if you bet $100 that the Patriots will win the Super Bowl and they do, you would win $444.

Team Odds Team Odds
Patriots +444 Ravens +4200
Cowboys +870 Cardinals +4400
Seahawks +900 Titans +4500
Steelers +961 Saints +4700
Packers +1159 Dolphins +4800
Falcons +1200 Chargers +5700
Raiders +1400 Bengals +6000
Broncos +1850 Lions +6000
Chiefs +2100 Redskins +6300
Giants +2309 Jaguars +8000
Panthers +2800 Bills +9500
Texans +2850 Bears +11000
Colts +3400 Rams +13500
Eagles +3581 Jets +15000
Buccaneers +3602 Browns +18000
Vikings +3727 49ers +18000

The Eagles were also included among the teams most likely to sign Adrian Peterson. Here are's odds on Peterson's eventual landing spot:

Team Odds Team Odds 
 Saints+300 Eagles +1500 
 Patriots+450  Giants+1500 
 Buccaneers+550  Chiefs+1500 
 Raiders+1000  Jaguars+1800 
 Packers+1200  Field+300 

Among many other reasons, according to, the Eagles currently have $1,632,833 in cap space, so unless Peterson wants to play for a small amount of money, I can't see the Eagles as legitimate contenders for his services.

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