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August 25, 2015

Honest Tea ranks Philadelphia among most honest U.S. cities

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How honest are you?

The National Honesty Index by Honest Tea ranks Philadelphia as one of the most honest cities in the country.

Honest Tea developed a social experiment to find out if people would pay for their beverages on the honor system if no one appeared to be watching. And Philadelphians passed the test.

The beverage company set up a display of drinks in 27 different cities around the country and asked people to leave $1 in a collection jar. Philadelphia tied with Los Angeles, San Diego and Houston for third place, with 97 percent of people paying the dollar for their tea.

Atlanta topped the list with 100-percent honesty while Providence, Rhode Island, came in last with 83-percent honesty. 

While the national average was an impressive 94-percent honesty, not everyone was so honest. Someone stole money from the collection box in Washington, D.C. In Providence, someone paid with a fake $1 million bill.

Honest Tea is encouraging people to highlight "the unfiltered, imperfect '#RefreshinglyHonest' moments" in their daily lives using social media.