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May 28, 2017

Councilman takes aim at wacky wavy inflatable tube men in Philly

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Carroll - City Hall and Benjamin Franklin Parkway Thom Carroll/PhillyVoice

Philadelphia City Hall from the Parkway.

The landscape of many Philadelphia businesses will change if proposed legislation introduced in City Council this week is approved.

Councilman Bobby Henon (D-6th District) submitted a bill that would outlaw wacky wavy inflatable tube men from being used to advertise deals and services.

Although the legislation isn't limited to signs of wacky variety, Bill No. 170504 would amend The Philadelphia Code to define all types of signage, including news tickers, free-standing signs, projections and more.

Courtney Voss, Henon's chief of staff, told PlanPhilly that the councilman's district is littered with wacky wavy inflatable tube men. Henon represents a portion of Northeast Philly, including the Mayfair, Bridesburg, Port Richmond and Rhawnhurst neighborhoods.

"They are all over the place including in our district, particularly along our business corridors and in our industrially zoned areas," Voss told the outlet. "The Councilman really, really dislikes them."

The will would authorize which signs could be displayed in certain zoning districts.

Hearing notices have been sent and the Rules of Committee will consider the future of the bill on June 13.