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July 23, 2016

Philadelphia region copes with heatwave

Heat returns Monday after one day of slight relief

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Heat wave Kevin C. Shelly//PhillyVoice

Stuart Warren, left, has spent the last 15 years selling water in the historic district of Philadelphia. Here he delivers a case of water and an ice-filled cooler to a vendor, on the right, standing near Independence Hall on a day where the 90-degree make was broken by mid-morning.

Water -- plenty of water -- regular breaks in the shade, light clothes or even staying inside all together were how the Philly region coped with a sustained heatwave Saturday.

Temps went from the low 90s to the high 90s from the Pennsylvania suburbs to the beaches of the Jersey shore, with an excessive heat advisory through the rest of Saturday.

The muggy weather also prompted an Ozone Action Day, meaning the very young, the elderly, and persons with respiratory issues, should avoid strenuous outdoor activities late afternoon and evening.

There’s a slight break Sunday, with temps in the upper 80s, but another heat warning hits the region Monday, with highs around 90.

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There’s a slight cooling into the upper 80s the rest of the week with a forecasted high of just 84 finally on Friday.

Around the region, residents and visitors coped.

Amanda Davis had her rescue greyhound, Anastasia, out early in Collingswood as they played Pokemon Go in front of the borough library.

Davis said her thin dog, though panting already at 8 a.m., copes well.

“She doesn’t mind a lot. At home, she sits on top of an air conditioner grate. Very regal,” said Davis, who works from home, allowing her to also avoid the worst of the weather.

Down the street at the town’s farmers’ market, manager David Hodges said not much changes on hot days, though the market warns dog owners to consider leaving their dogs at home.

That’s because the market’s stalls are built over the asphalt parking lots near the PATCO train stop, exposing paws to blistering heat.

While many seek the cool of the Collingswood Library on hot days, library director Carissa Schanley and two colleagues staffed a booth at the town’s market in an effort to draw in more customers for more services.

Sundays are the “hot” day weekend day at the library, even more so when the weather is hot, she said.

Philly resident Stuart Warren has coped with hot weather head-on for 15 years: Every summer, he runs ice and chilled bottles of water to street vendors in the city’s historic district.

His day begins at 6 a.m. By noon, he’s drenched, his while T-shirt clinging to him like a damp mop.

But he says he doesn’t mind because his job makes it easier for visitors to enjoy the history of the city he loves.

“No matter the weather, people love coming together in Old City. We sell plenty more on a day like this,” said Warren.

He follows his own advice: Warren personally copes with the heat by “loading up with ice and water.”

He also makes a point to take a break in the shade when he takes a drink.

“You have to keep cool and hydrated,” he said, brushing away the sweat dripping down his forehead.

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