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June 07, 2017

Philly sees big increase in millennial voter turnout

Who says millennials don't vote?

In Philadelphia, the city's young adults — those from 18 to 34 — had a huge uptick in participation in the 2017 primary election.

According to figures released by Commissioner Al Schmidt, 33,686 millennials came out to vote, a 279 percent increase from 2013 when just under 9,000 in the same age group voted in the primary. It was the biggest jump among any age group by a large margin, at least percentage wise.

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The result was young voters taking up a bigger portion of the vote share. In 2017, the 18-34 group took up 19 percent of the vote, an increase from 10 percent in 2013. Voters over 65 still had the largest percentage with 31 percent, a drop from 37 percent four years earlier.

In Philly's 2017 Democratic primary, longtime civil rights attorney Larry Krasner became the party's nominee to replace the indicted Seth Williams. Rebecca Rhynhart, a former city official, defeated three-time incumbent Alan Butkovitz for the party's nominee for city controller. In a city with such a heavy Democratic majority, and no Republican challenger for Rhynhart, both are expected to win in November.

While overall turnout in this year's off-year primary was still low, it was still significantly higher than previous primary elections for district attorney.