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Young people are having less sex than their parents did at their age. Researchers explore why

Young People Sex

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Millennials' risk of fatal stroke could be higher than past generations

Stroke Risk Millennials

Women's Health

Generation Z is more prone to high blood pressure during pregnancy, data shows

Millennials Gen Z hypertension


Common health problems facing millennials

Purchased - Millennials standing against wall on phones

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For younger generations, urgent care and telemedicine often trump primary care

Gen Z millennials health


Vitamin D may help prevent colon cancer among younger adults, study finds

Vitamin D Colon Cancer


At what age are people usually happiest? New research offers surprising clues

Happiest Age

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Well City Challenge finalists find creative solutions to millennial health issues

Well City Challenge Finalists

Adult Health

Well City Challenge seeks innovative ideas to improve millennial health

Well City Challenge

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Colorectal cancer screenings should begin earlier, new guidelines state

Colorectal cancer screening


Millennial caretakers at greater risk of stress-related conditions, study finds

BCBS caregiving report

Women's Health

Pre-existing conditions may be causing more high-risk pregnancies

Millennial women experiencing higher pregnancy complication rates

Adult Health

Younger Americans are having less sex, a result of growing up slower

Sexual Inactivity in Young Americans


This weekend watch Philadelphians speed date over Zoom in a new online show 'Philly is Blind'

Love is Blind Philly


Number of millennials diagnosed with hepatitis C has nearly quadrupled in 10 years

Hep C cases surge


Young people comprise most of Philly's coronavirus cases

Generation Z Millennials Coronavirus


Danny DeVito shares coronavirus PSA urging millennials to stay at home


Millennials may be spreading coronavirus unknowingly – to the detriment of seniors


Lindsey Vonn opens up about her depression at millennial health forum

Lindsey Vonn depression mental health forum

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The top 5 millennial health issues – and what to do about them

Millennial Health Issues

Adult Health

The oldest millennials are less healthy than Gen Xers were at the same age

Millennial health compared to Generation X

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating campaign aimed at millennials and generation Z

have a plant campaign

Alternative Medicine

Does CBD work? Science isn't sure, but Philly-area residents say it's helping them

Carroll - Judy Beck, CBD User

Alternative Medicine

Amid shifting attitudes on medical marijuana, baby boomers are big buyers

Carroll - Seniors using Medical Marijuana


Millennials will take lower pay at work for more free time, study on work-life balance says

Email greetings


Quarters – a co-living space that includes furniture, Wi-Fi, and catered meals – headed for NoLibs

quarters nyc bedroom co living


Millennials' trendy diets causing zinc deficiencies, in some cases

millennial food zinc deficiency unsplash


Golden berries are the 'superfood' you didn't know you needed in your kitchen

golden berries superfood flickr

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This is the most commonly missed type of cancer affecting younger adults

stomach ache colorectal cancer unsplash

Odd News

Urban Outfitters is 'curating' old '90s VHS tapes and selling them for $40

VHS tapes


Check out the trailer for 'Shrill,' Hulu's new show starring Aidy Bryant from 'SNL'

aidy bryant hulu

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Obesity-related cancers hitting millennials hard, new study finds


Health Stories

More millennials navigating life with celiac disease


Adult Health

Citing convenience, millennials opting for urgent care over primary care



Life interrupted: Facing chronic illness in your 20s and 30s


Health Stories

Millennials' health suffers from all that technology at their fingertips


Odd News

Reynolds suggests millennial Thanksgiving turkey recipes, and we say no thanks


Odd News

This is Monopoly for Millennials, where nobody buys property and everyone is vegan

monopoly for millennials


Survey finds 31 percent of millennials will definitely vote in next week's election

Pennsylvania voting machines elections


Why has Halloween become so popular among adults?


Adult Health

Millennials are now vaping vitamins — here's why that's kind of pointless


Food & Drink

Here's how to get free Saxbys for voting in the midterms

saxbys coffee autumn drinks

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