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February 04, 2016

Philly tech couple gets engaged in heartwarming moment at El Bar

Hipster King and Queen share beautiful moment with scene in Fishtown

Marriage Proposal
020416_Carrproposal Contributed Art/YouTube

Philly developer Savannah Carr proposes to boyfriend and Cipher Prime cofounder Will Stallwood at El Bar in Fishtown.

The wonderful El Bar in Fishtown is a rare exception to the rule that if you repeat the same actions over and over again, you shouldn't expect different results. Pleasantly unusual things tend to happen at the N. Front Street watering hole on a nightly basis, and last week it was a marriage proposal between two members of Philadelphia's thriving tech community.

Introduced as hipster hunk and hipster honey (per Philly Weekly's local rankings), Cipher Prime co-founder Will Stallwood and developer Savannah Carr were called to the front of the bar to set up the moment. Carr, 24, was handed the mic in case she had anything she wanted to say. The heartwarming video below sums it up perfectly.

Now, of course, the couple will have to decide whether they want to get hitched in Philadelphia, which WalletHub dismally ranked the 123rd best city in the United States for weddings.

If they want to lock down Hipster King and Queen forever, they should seriously consider having a wedding ceremony and/or party at El Bar.