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March 03, 2016

PhillyVoice 'Quotes of the Week' quiz

How much do you remember from the week that just was?

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Quotes Quiz Dancin On Air Original image courtesy Fuse/Photoshop by Brian Hickey/PhillyVoice

Clues to this week's PhillyVoice Quotes Quiz can be found in this photo from the Fuse TV show 'Saturday Morning Fever.'

Welcome to PhillyVoice’s weekly quiz about quotes that appeared in our stories during the past week.

The following quotes come from a wide array of topics, so if you’re looking to get a leg up on the competition (in a contest for which the prize is personal pride), keep reading stories from the worlds of news, entertainment and sports.

The answers are tucked at the bottom of each post (with the context available via hyperlink). We will know – and tell everybody – if you scrolled down and illicitly claimed you went 20 for 20. Real talk. 

Your possible answers are:

Tony Aiazzi, restaurateur; Thuraya Ebrahim al Arrayed, member of Saudi Arabia's Shura Council; Dusty Baker, manager, Washington Nationals; Diane Barnes, Boots for the Homeless founder; Madeline Bell, CEO, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia; Christine Brown, mother of 8-year-old fashion designer; Cynthia Daniels, professor of gender studies, Rutgers New Brunswick; Etienne Diaz, newly engaged dancer; Rogelio Gonzalez, Saturday Morning Fever co-star; Marvin Harrison, NFL Hall of Fame inductee-to-be; Matt Jones, Philadelphia Union goalkeeper; Kathleen Kane, Pennsylvania attorney general; Jim Kenney, mayor of Philadelphia; Deen Kogan, co-founder, Society Hill Playhouse; Tom Marino, U.S. Rep. (R-PA); Michelle Moore, head of digital banking, Bank of America; Thomas Nestel, SEPTA police chief; Curt Schilling, former Phillies pitcher; Joe Tesauro, @PhillyForTrump; Laura Vitale, Cooking Channel host.

Thom Carroll, File/PhillyVoice

"We are doing a lot of babysitting right now," says SEPTA police Chief Thomas Nestel, of an ongoing problem with afterschool violence by students, often near the transit agency's transportation hubs.


1. “I’m super boring when it comes to my coffee. I like a plain black, original coffee.”

2. “That's what she wants: kids to not be afraid. It doesn't matter what you have on. And sometimes we as adults need that, too!"

3. "These predators desecrated a sacred trust and preyed upon their victims in the very places where they should have felt most safe."

4. “[Endorsing Donald Trump is] one of my life-changing moments.”

5. “Here I am meeting this huge celebrity, and I’m looking like an alien. It was basically E.T. meeting Bradley Cooper!”

6. "This will be successful this time."

7. “They walked out with smiles on their faces. They’re not used to getting brand-new stuff.”

8.“Most people will leave their house and they will make sure they have their smartphone, but might not as much for their wallet or purse.”

9. "It's a bad influence for the kids. Big time. I'll say that. But also, they're adults, too, at the same time."

10. "When someone offers you the chance to do something new, even if you’re not 100% comfortable, just say yes."

11. “Basically, everyone across the country is saying the same thing: We want change, a change in government.”

12. "We pray to God that a racist, politically incorrect personality does not win the election."

13. “We found a big box and we taped it and we put a bunch of old stuff inside and we just kept wrapping it and wrapping it and at the end, the very end, was a tiny box!"

14. "There are kids getting broken bones – one girl lost vision in one eye. There is really serious stuff happening."

15. "We find it concerning that a group of specialists in human anatomy might find so many statements unfamiliar to them."

16. “It forced me to step outside of my comfort zone, learn a new language, learn a new culture, and it was great.”

17. “I love young people, but in this field you meet more of 'Me, me, me!' To work in theater, you need an ego, but there’s a limit.”

18. "The hell with him."

19. "Chefs are smart guys but they're not good at sitting behind a desk."

20. "[Hillary Clinton] should be buried under a jail somewhere."

Matt Rourke/AP

Union members protest in opposition to a proposed tax on soda and other sugary beverages in view of City Hall on Tuesday, June 14, 2011, in Philadelphia.


1. Vitale

2. Brown

3. Kane

4. Marino

5. Gonzalez

6. Kenney

7. Barnes

8. Moore

9. Baker

10. Bell

11. Tesauro

12. al Arrayed

13. Diaz

14. Nestel

15. Daniels

16. Jones

17. Kogan

18. Harrison

19. Aiazzi

20. Schilling