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April 09, 2016

Police: Armed robber fatally shot by off-duty SWAT officer in Olney

Suspect shot during attempted robbery of elderly man

Philadelphia police confirmed that an armed suspect was killed Saturday afternoon by an off-duty SWAT officer who broke up an attempted robbery of an elderly man in Olney.

According to authorities, the incident occurred around 2:30 p.m. along the 5700 block of Park Avenue, NBC 10 reports.

Investigators said the off-duty Philadelphia SWAT officer witnessed the attempted robbery and order the suspect to raise his hands. At that point, police say the suspect pointed his gun at the officer, who opened fire and struck the suspect at least once.

As the suspect attempted to flee, he collapsed to the ground and dropped his weapon in a nearby parking lot. When the off-duty officer approached him, the suspect tried to regain control of his weapon and the officer shot him again. The suspect then fled toward Broad Street and Chew Avenue, where he fell to the ground.

Reinforcements and medics arrived at the scene a short time later and the suspect was taken to Einstein Hospital, where was pronounced dead.

The elderly man, who was injured during the robbery attempt, was taken to the hospital to receive stitches for an open wound. No police officers were injured in the incident.

Police recovered the suspect's weapon and an investigation is ongoing.