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September 15, 2015

Pope Francis channels Drake, has felt 'used' by fake friends

Pontifex dishes on friendship in interview

Pope Francis, most likely unintentionally, sounded a lot like Drake while talking about friendship in a recent interview. 

While speaking to a radio station from his home country of Argentina, the topic came up, and the pope said it pained him when people tried to use friendship as a way to obtain personal gains, according to 6ABC News:

"I have felt used by people who presented themselves as my friends and whom I hadn't seen more than once or twice in my life. They have used that to their own benefit. But it's an experience we all go through."

It's safe to say that this sentiment from Francis (who is visiting Philadelphia soon, in case you haven't heard) is something many can relate to, even if you're not Catholic.

One person who can probably identify is rapper Drake, whose lyrics on the chorus for DJ Khaled's song "No New Friends" have inspired too-many-to-count memes and gifs across the Internet.

Obviously, most of the lyrics on that tune are much too explicit for the leader of the Catholic Church. But hey, the message is similar: don't let yourself be taken advantage of by people claiming friendship who are just trying to use you.