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April 07, 2016

Positive Train Control set to launch April 18 on SEPTA's Warminster line

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02252016_Warminster_Rail_Line_GM Google/StreetView

A view – looking north from County Line Road – of the tracks along SEPTA's Warminster line. It will be the first Regional Rail line to be installed with Positive Train Control, a speed safety system.

SEPTA will commence using its Positive Train Control system on the Warminster Regional Rail Line on Monday, April 18.

The Federal Railroad Administration has given authorization to implement provisional Revenue Service Operations, a fancy title for having the technology system active during regular passenger service.

The FRA completed a series of tests on the system in late February, the final step necessary before launching the PTC system.

To prepare for the launch, SEPTA will run shuttle buses on the line on Sunday, April 17. That will enable the transit authority to conduct one final round of checks and tests on the system.

SEPTA is installing the same safety technology as Amtrak. The Advanced Civil Speed Enforcement System technology serves as an overlay to Automated Train Control, a combination that meets FRA guidelines for a PTC system.

In addition to controlling train speeds, PTC also ensures trains adhere to signals and follow safety restrictions in work zones and railroad crossings.

Passengers should not experience a noticeable difference once the PTC system launches, SEPTA officials have said.

The Warminster Line is the first to receive PTC because trains run on a single track. But the system eventually will be implemented throughout SEPTA's Regional Rail system.

SEPTA has spent $328 million to install PTC across its rail system. In addition to installing ACSES as an overlay, SEPTA also needed to install Automated Train Control on some of its tracks.