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July 28, 2016

Protesters plan to occupy FDR Park past DNC

Group of Sanders supporters sets up camp in South Philly

After Hillary Clinton's post-convention rally Friday, Democratic officials, media and many protesters will leave Philadelphia over the weekend.

Some demonstrators, however, don't plan on going anywhere.

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The Occupy Wall Street group said on Wednesday it planned on staying at FDR Park, the area sanctioned off for many of the DNC protests, after the convention ends to protest Bernie Sanders not receiving the party's nomination. The group said in a release:

To further escalate the struggle, we have begun a new occupation. Adjacent to the convention, we have pitched our tents in Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park. This park now belongs to the people and will henceforth be known as Liberty Park.

The group accuses Clinton of "stealing" the nomination that "rightfully belongs" to Sanders, citing the recent leak of emails sent by DNC staffers that showed party hostility toward the Sanders campaign, and even showed one staffer pondering whether the candidate was really committed to the Jewish religion.

To be clear, there is no evidence of voter fraud or illegal activity in the leaked emails.

Occupy said it has spoken "informally" with the city and been told that camping would be "tolerated."

Lauren Hitt, spokesperson for Mayor Jim Kenney's office, shot down that claim, saying that the city did not grant any camping permits for during the convention.

"If people do decide to stay after the Convention ends, then our response will depend on the nature of the encampment," Hitt said, adding it was "too early to say now."