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September 17, 2015

Radnor teachers lift hold on writing students' recommendation letters

The tactic was to raise awareness of ongoing contract negotiations

Amid protests, Radnor Township High School teachers will resume writing recommendation letters for students.

Last week, the Radnor Township Education Association sent a letter to students informing them that their teachers have put a hold on writing recommendation letters for the remainder of September because of ongoing contract negotiations.

The students responded by holding their own protest, which included writing a letter to the school board urging the sides to settle.

 “We do not wish to take sides or be involved in this argument at all. Currently, we feel as though we have been forced right in the middle,” the letter read.
 “Firstly and most importantly, we urge the teachers of Radnor High School to drop its protest strategy of withholding our recommendation letters immediately.

NewWorks reported Thursday that the teachers' association has listened to the students' plea and will return to writing recommendation letter immediately amid ongoing negotiations.

They said the tactic was "the most immediate way to generate awareness and ask for awareness of parents and students."

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