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November 12, 2015

Rapper Future releases 'Rocky' theme remix

Song dishes on overcoming odds over music from 'Gonna Fly Now'

One noticeable omission from every trailer for "Creed," the new movie reviving the famous "Rocky" series, has been the patented theme song.

The tune, "Gonna Fly Now," is most widely known for accompanying Sylvester Stallone as he ran up the Art Museum steps in the famous scene from the first movie.

For those who were bummed the song hasn't made its way in any of the new teasers and need a little something to hold them over until "Creed" hits theaters Nov. 25th, rapper Future has you covered. 

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He released his new rap, entitled "Last Breath," on his Soundcloud page Tuesday, and it utilizes the horns from the theme song underneath Future's rhymes that echo his opening lyric, "never should of doubted me," about overcoming the odds. Take a listen below (Disclaimer: Song contains explicit language)

The Atlanta-based rapper won't be coming to Philly anytime soon, but the song provides a nice semi-local reference for fans of his music.