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December 10, 2016

Report: City official seen in anti-Trump vandalism surveillance video won't lose his job

Police Vandalism
Duncan_Lloyd_11302016 Source/Philadelphia Police Department

Video surviellance captured a man, identified as Assistant City Solicitor Duncan Lloyd, allegedly participating in an act of graffiti vandalism.

Remember Duncan Lloyd? The 32-year-old assistant city solicitor who was allegedly caught on camera taking photos of another writing "F*** Trump" on the side of a Chesnut Hill supermarket while sipping a glass of wine in a blue blazer?

Well, Lloyd, who's been with the city's law department for about five years, will not face charges and will also keep his job, reported Saturday.

First Deputy City Solicitor Craig Straw said in a statement to the news site that Lloyd will complete 40 hours of community service. 

Straw did not respond to an immediate request for comment Saturday.

The surveillance footage showed Duncan and one other suspect approaching the Fresh Market store at 8200 Germantown Avenue on Nov. 25. Duncan is seen taking photos while the other suspect spraypainted the message onto the side of the building that caused between $3,000 to $10,000 in damage.

The Philadelphia Republican Party released a statement after the incident calling for Lloyd to lost his job.

"For somebody with extensive legal training to feel entitled to vandalize a newly opened supermarket strikes us at the Philadelphia Republican Party as an astonishing feat of idiocy," Chairman Joe DeFelice said in a statement. "The taxpayers should be entrusting exactly none of our faith into this man."

No others charges have yet been filed.