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August 06, 2017

Reports: Truck spills fresh watermelons all over Center City street

On what should have been a perfect summer day to drop off a shipment of watermelons, one truck driver's mishap on Sunday afternoon became a comedic scene in Philadelphia.

While heading to cover a story near 6th and Race Streets, 6ABC reporter Bob Brooks stopped in his tracks to find that 6th Street was covered in smashed watermelons.

The truck driver, identified as Elwood Hutt Jr., of Salisbury, Maryland, admitted he simply turned a corner too fast and out came the fruit.

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Several passersby mused about what happened, picking up what could be salvaged, and a few lucky horses got to slurp refreshing treats off the ground.

Philadelphia police briefly shut down 6th Street for the cleanup and Hutt was issued a citation. He reportedly lost about $250 in watermelons.

The best footage came from KWY Traffic cam, whose angle on the ordeal gave the scene the appearance of a produce massacre.

It was probably a very long drive home for Elwood Hutt, Jr.