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June 12, 2015

Rocky the Baby Duck visits CHOP

Tall Ships Philadelphia/Camden brings smiles and activities to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

CHOP Tall Ships
061415_CHOPduck Tall Ships Philadelphia /Mark Ladley

Rocky the Baby Duck stopped by Children's Hospital of Philadelphia on Friday to greet patients and help with arts and crafts activities

Philadelphia may have a 61-foot-tall, 11 ton duck on its way into town for this year's Tall Ships on the Delaware River waterfront, but on Thursday a mini version of the feathered friend made a special appearance at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Rocky the Baby Duck, more portable at 10 feet tall, stopped by to greet patients and help kids with an arts and craft project involving cutouts of ducks using paper plates.

Children work on arts and craft project during Rocky the Baby Duck's July 12, 2015 visit to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (Tall Ships Philadelphia/Camden)

“It’s great to get out there and make a child’s day a little brighter,” said Craig Samborski of Draw Events, the organizer behind the Tall Ships Festival. “Paying a visit to CHOP is something we really wanted to do when we thought about places to go in Philadelphia. Rocky, and the 61-foot-tall Momma Duck are about bringing joy to people. I think we did a lot of that today.”

Tall Ships Philadelphia/Camden will run from June 25-28, when Rocky's enormous Momma will pay a visit to the horizon. Learn more about the event here and follow Rocky's whereabouts on social media at #TallShipsPC.