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October 22, 2016

Up for sale: 28 wax figures of Amish children on Philly Craigslist

For $300, you can creep your friends out

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These wax figures of Amish children are for sale on Philadelphia Craigslist.

Looking to spook your friends this Halloween? Forget ghouls, goblins and even clowns. The creepiest thing you could do is hide one of these 28 wax figures of Amish school children in their room.

An ad on Philadelphia Craigslist posted this past week is selling the figures for $300 a pop. Here's the listing, which is just as bizarre as the figures themselves:

I have 28 wax figures. I'm asking $300 EACH. There are 4 mechanical. I'm selling 1 figure with a desk for $300. There out of the weavertown one room school house in bird in hand pa. They were made by dwarfmans in 1969. They were appraised at $450 to $800 each. Would love to sell as a set . If your interested in all please contact me. Please NO low balling. I had several offers that I turned down! I have no problem with offers if you buy the 28 as a set (no low balling) and no scams. I take cash on pick up . I can also take credit card but prefer cash.

Gizmodo did some digging on the figures and where they came from. The figures previously came to life via robotic animation at the Weavertown One Room Schoolhouse, built in 1877, in Bird-In-Hand, Lancaster County, for an "interactive classroom."

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These wax figures of Amish children are for sale on Philadelphia Craigslist.

However, as Gizmodo noted, the tourist attraction's Facebook page only posted once in 2013 to alert visitors that its air conditioning was fixed and its website is defunct.

With a spare $8,400 to buy the figures as a set (as the listing requests), you can set up an Amish schoolhouse of your own. Which would undoubtedly be much creepier than any haunted house.