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June 27, 2017

Sixers Mailbag: Let’s talk about free agency

As promised earlier this morning, we’re doing a two-part Sixers mailbag answering every question I received from earlier the weekend. This one will have some shorter answers than usual, but again, every question will be answered!

Kid’s got alligator blood, can’t get rid of him.

This is pure speculation, but my guess is that the Sixers haven’t received many half-decent offers for Okafor since perhaps last offseason. NBA teams are smart and they know that Jah has been a major net negative in his first two seasons, so why exactly would they be eager to acquire him in a trade? Bryan Colangelo talked at the end of the year about Okafor rehabbing his knee and getting in better condition, but those are two things that should have happened last season. As I wrote in the Sixers roster breakdown, when do the positives of simply getting rid of Okafor for little return start to become a real consideration?

At least initially, I’m not sure there is a role for him on the Sixers because there are already 3,000 (approx.) young wings on the team. Over at Liberty Ballers, Wesley Share did a nice job of breaking down the state of Korkmaz’s game. It seems like Furkan B needs to get a lot stronger, which he could certainly accomplish with Todd Wright and the Sixers training staff. Then maybe the Sixers go ahead and put and put Korkmaz on the Lorenzo Brown plan, letting him grow his offensive game in Delaware.

Then again, I would have expressed similar sentiments about Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot at this time last year and he showed some nice legitimately promising flashes at the NBA level as a rookie.

The odds that they keep T.J. are pretty high (great teammate, capable backup, excellent contract), but I do wonder if his playing time might shrink drastically with Fultz and Simmons. The Sixers need three-point shooting from their other guards, and that the major hole in McConnell’s game.

Stauskas should be safe for one more year mostly because he can make spot-up threes. As for Henderson, that is a decision the Sixers will make this week. To your point though, there certainly aren’t enough wing minutes to go around to keep everyone happy.

Maybe it was an ancillary factor, but I can’t imagine Covington’s presence was much of a consideration. The Sixers like RoCo, but the decision to trade up was about Markelle Fultz and his ability to create offense as a lead guard.

Alright, now to the free agency questions. I might save some of my thoughts for later in the week on some of these players, but I’ll do my best to answer the questions…

I’ll get into it a little later this week, but you’re generally on the right track: a shooting guard who is an above-average three-point shooter on short money (two years or less).

As for Redick, I’m not quite as down on his potential signing as some Sixers fans seem to be. The Sixers need to get better on offense primarily, and the strain that Redick’s constant movement off the ball puts on a defense is really valuable. Markelle Fultz and Joel Embiid are nowhere near Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan running the pick-and-roll yet, but stealing the Clippers’ floor-spacer can help them attempt to start bridging the gap.

This team needs shooting more than anything, so I’m willing to overlook the defensive problems Redick would pose. Again though, you have to stick to short-term deals for veterans.

While Clark would come cheap, I’m not a huge fan of the fit (more shooting!). Porter would be an interesting piece in Philly as someone who defenses can’t leave at the three-point line, but he figures to stay in Washington one way or another.


No stretch-fours/fives! Basically, Ibaka is a decent player but the Sixers would be better off using their cap space elsewhere.

I’m all for using that cap space to take on money and pick up a quality player or asset, as long as that player isn’t a veteran on a long-term deal (Danny Green!). As for the Sixers’ draft, I’m more down on the practice of selling picks than anyone who the Sixers selected or missed on. At that point, the draft is really a crapshoot.

The Knicks were reportedly asking for the third overall pick this year, next year's Brooklyn pick, Jaylen Brown, and Jae Crowder. That’s two picks better than both of the picks you are offering coupled with better players than you are offering. I wouldn't be so confident taking on Noah's contract gets that deal done.

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