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May 30, 2017

Sixers' odds to win 2017-18 NBA Finals are higher than you probably think

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After spending several consecutive years as an afterthought when it comes to the NBA postseason, the Sixers are hoping to take a leap forward next season. And while they're still a ways from being serious title contenders, they're going to be much closer to the ultimate prize, at least according to Vegas oddsmakers.

The 2017 NBA Finals don't begin until Thursday, but over at OddShark, they've already posted the futures for next year's championship. Aside from the Warriors being favored against the field – you'll need to bet $150 in order to win $100 – and it looking like a rematch against the Cavs – a $100 bet will earn you $300 if LeBron James and Co. win in 2018 – there was one thing that will likely jump off the page, especially if you're a Sixers fan.

The Sixers are tied for the 11th-best odds to win the 2018 NBA Finals. Of course, the other way of looking at it – due to the fact that they are in a nine-way tie – is that the Sixers have the 10th worst odds to win the title, per OddsShark

GSW -150
CLE +300
SAS +1500
BOS +2000
HOU +4000
LAC +5000
WAS +5000
MIL +7500
OKC +7500
TOR +7500
NOP +10000
CHI +15000
DEN +15000
IND +15000
MEM +15000
MIA +15000
MIN +15000
PHI +15000
POR +15000
UTA +15000
LAL +20000
DAL +25000
ATL +30000
DET +30000
NYK +30000
CHA +40000
PHO +75000
BKN +100000
ORL +100000
SAC +100000

It's still incredibly long odds given the recent lack of parity in the NBA – a $100 bet would win you $15,000. 

Interestingly enough, those 150-1 odds are the same odds Bovada had for the Sixers last offseason, but at that time they were the third worst in the league. That's probably due to the fact that the Warriors were +200, rather than -150. Of course, after spending several seasons down near the bottom of these types of lists, it's nice to see the Sixers pretty much anywhere else, even if it doesn't mean too much in terms of their chances to actually win the title.

Whether or not they remain in the middle of the pack will depend largely on the health of Joel Embiid, as well as what the Sixers are able to do in the draft and free agency.

In other words, these odds could change quite a bit between now and the start of the season. 

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