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February 21, 2016

South Jersey police chase dog through traffic on 'Love Your Pet Day'

Pet sprinting in streets brings highway to a halt

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Cherry Hill Police Cherry Hill Police/Facebook

Police in Cherry Hill respond to a dog running through traffic on Saturday, Feb. 20.

Police officers in Cherry Hill celebrated "National Love Your Pet Day" in an unusual way when they had to chase a canine through the streets.

Authorities say they received a report of a dog running in traffic near Haddonfield Road Saturday morning.

When officers arrived, they tried to contain the dog but the animal kept escaping their grasp and running into harm's way. 

Traffic was stopped on Route 38 by the Cherry Hill Mall when the dog tried crossing the busy highway, but eventually, the dog was brought to safety, police say. 

As a reminder, police are urging Cherry Hill residents to register their dog with the township so in the event of an incident like Saturday's they are able to return a pet to its owner quickly. 

Cherry Hill pets can be registered on the township's website or by calling 856-488-7892.