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January 23, 2015

Southwest Airlines seats turned travel bags

Bags range from $150 to $250 each

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Southwest Airlines Seat Bags Looptworks/for PhillyVoice

Southwest Airlines seats have been turned into distinctive bags that enable further journeys.

You’ve probably heard your airplane seat can be transformed into a floating device, but how about a trendy tote bag made of leather that’s been softened by billions of backsides.

 That’s exactly what’s become of Southwest Airlines blue-and-tan leather seat covers that were recently replaced with a lighter material to save on fuel.

 Instead of shipping the 40-acres of material – or 80,000 seat covers -  off to a landfill, the airline partnered with Looptworks, a company in Portland, Oregon, that repurposes used material to create something new; in this case, limited edition “Luv Seat” bags.

 “A lot of people are huge fans of Southwest Airlines, so there’s a nostalgia piece there that some people like,” Looptworks co-founder Scott Hamlin told Portland Monthly Magazine. “And honestly, they look really cool. The bags have a vintage vibe, which is really in right now.”

 Though you can’t choose between an aisle or window seat, you can decide between a backpack ($250), tote ($150) or duffel bag ($225).