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January 22, 2018

Super Bowl LIII odds (yes, next year's odds)

Yes, yes, the Philadelphia Eagles are in this year's Super Bowl (in case you missed it), so unlike most years, the fan base is focused on the now, as opposed to the much more familiar "next year."

Still, the great folks (they're probably not that great) over at posted odds on Super Bowl LIII, or 2019, or the Super Bowl after the 2018 season. You know, next year.

They seem to like the Eagles' chances of getting back to the Super Bowl once again next year, as the Eagles have the best odds among the teams in the NFC.

Team Odds Team Odds
Patriots 6/1 Broncos 40/1
Eagles 10/1 Buccaneers 40/1
Steelers 10/1 Chargers 40/1
Packers 12/1 Colts 40/1
Vikings 12/1 Cardinals 50/1
Cowboys 20/1 Lions 50/1
Falcons 20/1 Ravens 50/1
Rams 20/1 Titans 50/1
Saints 20/1 Dolphins 75/1
Texans 20/1 Giants 75/1
49ers 25/1 Redskins 75/1
Jaguars 27/1 Bills 100/1
Chiefs 30/1 Bengals 125/1
Panthers 30/1 Bears 150/1
Raiders 30/1 Browns 150/1
Seahawks 30/1 Jets 150/1

There is certainly reason to wonder if the Eagles will be able to put together a season in 2018 that was as successful as the one in 2017. Carson Wentz's recovery is at the top of the concern list, to go along with what looks like (on paper) to be a difficult first-place schedule.

Still, the oddsmakers seem to like their chances, as the list above does not seem to be one that strictly adheres to 2017 success. For example, a playoff team, the Buffalo Bills, is at 100/1, the fifth-worst odds in the NFL. Meanwhile, the 4-12 Houston Texans and the 6-10 San Francisco 49ers are tied for the sixth-best odds to win it all.

Obviously, the Eagles have shown they can not only survive without Carson Wentz, but even beat very good teams, mostly on the strength of their offensive and defensive lines, which likely aren't going to be getting any worse anytime soon.

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