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An overlooked STD could become the next superbug, scientists warn

STDs M. gen.


The COVID-19 pandemic reversed progress in combating superbugs

COVID-19 Superbugs MRSA

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Breastfeeding may protect babies from antibiotic-resistant 'superbugs'

Health benefits of breastfeeding

Children's Health

Children's hospitals are partly to blame as superbugs increasingly attack kids

Antibiotic Misuse Superbug


Antibiotic-resistant bacteria a deadly threat 'that is not going away,' CDC says

Superbugs CDC infections antibiotic-resistant bacteria


An ambitious plan to stop the rise of superbugs


Botanical 19th century medicines may be the answer for treating drug-resistant bacteria

civil war plant treatment


Why you shouldn’t take antibiotics for a cold or flu

Pills Medicine 05072019

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Candida auris: Here's what you should know about the superbug fungus spreading worldwide


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Are viruses the best weapon for fighting superbugs?


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Drug-resistant 'superbug' strain of typhoid spreads worldwide

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White House crafts first-ever plan to fight superbugs

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