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November 02, 2015

Trapeze artist injured during fall in West Philly expected to recover

UniverSoul Circus stuntman leaves hospital

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circus accident UniverSoul Circus/Twitter

Chenglong Wu, 19, is expected to recover after falling 30 feet and suffering an injury during a performance in West Philadelphia Saturday.

A trapeze artist who fell 30 feet during a performance Saturday in West Philadelphia is expected to fully recover.

UniverSoul Circus, the company that runs the show in which 19-year-old Chenglong Wu was injured, announced that he was released from the hospital Monday. 

In a statement, the circus thanked the first responders and circus staff who helped Wu after he fell as well as the medical staff at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center who treated him.

Wu is a performer with the Wuhan Flying Trapeze act that travels with the circus. 

During the show nearby the Mann Center for the Performing Arts, a partner in the act failed to catch Wu during a stunt, according to NBC Philadelphia.

He then reportedly bounced from a safety net and into the audience. One witness told NBC that the fall was "horrifying," recalling the sound he made after hitting the ground.

Following the announcement of Wu's release, UniverSoul said circus officials are looking into the incident and that they would not comment further on the accident until they had more information.