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August 29, 2017

Twitter criticizes Melania Trump's high-heeled shoes on way to Texas, but she changes into sneakers

There was a swift and critical reaction to first lady Melania Trump's choice of footwear as she went to Texas on Tuesday afternoon to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Harvey.

As she and her husband, President Donald Trump, boarded Marine One, many on Twitter pointed out Melania Trump was wearing high heels.

Some said the fashion choice was out of touch, considering the hardships thousands had suffered through in the Houston area during heavy rains and intense flooding.

As others piled on, Trump fans and even some of his critics leaped to the first lady's defense, arguing her shoes are a trivial thing to point out during a time of crisis.

The controversy was sort of halted when the Trumps arrived in Corpus Christi, as Melania Trump had apparently changed on the plane, as she was wearing tennis shoes.

Although some said attacking Melania Trump for her outfit was misogynistic, others were quick to counter by noting former first lady Michelle Obama also endured sexist and racist attacks during her tenure.