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July 01, 2015

Twitter mocks Urban Outfitters' prices with viral hashtag

Philly-based retailer gets flack for gouging customers for everyday items

Would you pay $50 for a banana?

Of course not. But according to Twitter, that ridiculous pricing is exactly what retailer Urban Outfitters, founded and headquartered in Philly, would do if they sold produce at their outlets.

The hashtag #UrbanOutfittersBeLike has been used repeatedly the past few days to mock the store's high prices for seemingly everyday items. 

While the trend has evolved into extreme exaggeration for the sake of humor, some tweets aren't that far off the retailer's actual prices. For example:


Actually Urban Outfitters price: $100 - $200


Actual Urban Outfitters price: $8 - $40


Actual Urban Outfitters Price: $30 - $160


Actual Urban Outfitters price: $10 - $27


Actual Urban Outfitters price: $4 - $48

Tote Bag

Actually Urban Outfitters Price: $50 - $140

To be fair, the "Grocery Tote Bag" could totally catch on.