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March 06, 2015

Gambling site gets spooked, takes Mariota to the Eagles bet off the board

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030615 Mark J. Terrill/AP

Eagles fans spooked 'Vegas.'

Yesterday, Vegas, or rather Canada-based, put out odds on whether or not the Eagles would land Marcus Mariota. This is how it appeared both on their site and in their promotional email to media outlets:


In case you're not a degenerate gambler, I'll explain what those odds mean. If you bet $100 on "yes" and Mariota is an Eagle Week 1 this season, you win $400. You have to bet $700 just to win $100 if you bet "no." In other words, Bovada wasn't buying what a number of us Philly writers are reporting, in my case, that the Eagles are determined to go get their guy.

Shortly thereafter, the odds on their site moved sharply. "Yes" moved from +400 to +250, and "no" moved from -700 to -400.

Then, shortly thereafter once again, they took "Yes" completely off the board. You only had the option to bet "No."


Now... It's gone completely.

What to make of this? Everyone and their mother... and probably Chip Kelly himself (kidding)... likely starting banging away at "Yes" the second those odds went up, and Bovada went, "Oh crap."



Bovada made the Mariota bet available again, at 2/1 odds for "yes."


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