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March 08, 2016

Watch Bruce Springsteen play 'Thunder Road' over 41 years

Fan-made supercut explores The Boss's hit song

Bruce Springsteen has made some pretty devoted fans over his decades-long career. But one fan just turned his devotion into a gift for all of The Boss's fans. 

Earlier this month, user Phil Whitehead posted a video to his Vimeo account that contained a supercut of Springsteen performances of "Thunder Road" over 41 years, from when it was released in 1975 on "Born to Run" through early 2016. 

In his Vimeo post, the user said: 

In this video, I wanted to explore how a song like Thunder Road has changed, not only in the way Springsteen performs it, but also how its meaning evolves with an older person singing as Rolling Stone said or Thunder Road, “the lyrics hint at a perspective beyond his years.” I also wanted to look the evolution of live recordings, both professional and homemade.

The video begins at Hammersmith Odeon in London and fittingly ends after more than five minutes at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, before delving into a montage for the song's ending jam. The video features plenty of the late Clarence Clemons over the years, too. Check it out below.

Bruce Springsteen: 41 Years on Thunder Road from Phil Whitehead on Vimeo.