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November 29, 2016

WATCH: Cory J. Popp shows off Philly's Christmas Village, Rail Park project in new videos

Videos Cory J. Popp
Christmas Village Cory J. Popp/YouTube

Cory J. Popp shows off Philly's Christmas Village in a new video.

Haven't made your way out to Philadelphia's Christmas Village or read the latest on the city's future Rail Park? Cory J. Popp has you covered.

The videographer has released two new videos, one that shows off the German open-air market that is in its newest location at the City Hall Courtyard and Northern Apron. Previously, it could be found at LOVE Park, but it has been moved because of ongoing renovations there.

Christmas Village officially opened its doors, complete with its first-ever carousel, on Thanksgiving. 

It will stay open until Dec. 24.

In more Philly firsts, officials broke ground on the city's $10.3 million Viaduct Rail Park in the beginning of the month. 

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has compared the project, with phase one expected to be completed by 2018, to New York City's immensely popular High Line.

As documented in Popp's video, the future park will be broken down into three sections – the Viaduct, the Cut and the Tunnel – spanning 3 miles and 10 neighborhoods.

Watch Popp's video, released Tuesday, below: