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March 23, 2017

WATCH: Ellen DeGeneres posts footage from show's surprise visit to Philadelphia

The mystery behind why "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" was in Philadelphia Wednesday afternoon has finally been revealed.

Spoiler: It involved a couple of costumes, dizzy bats and a whopping $15,000.

Hundreds of fans gathered in Center City Wednesday to see exactly what was happening after DeGeneres tweeted that anyone interested in being on her show should gather at 17th and Walnut streets and dress as a famous duo.

Philadelphia definitely delivered. Crowds stood in the cold temperatures for about two hours Wednesday to get a little glimpse of the action.

The segment, broadcast on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" live from Philly, has finally been uploaded to the internet for anyone unable to tune in Wednesday. 

So what was the hype all about, anyway? The show picked two duos – one pair dressed as a shark and narwhal and the other as the "black-eyed p's" – to participate in a contest that required them to balance a cup of coffee while performing a series of activities that might give even viewers a case of vertigo. 

The winning team was awarded $10,000 from Capital One. (The loser got some money for their troubles, too.)

Watch the entire segment below: