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June 20, 2016

Watch the best of Spanish and Latin American short films at IHP

The curated selection consists of nine shorts

On June 25, International House Philadelphia (IHP) will host a film festival showcasing a curated selection of short films from or about Spain and Latin America. While a few do have subtitles, all should be easy to understand without needing to read them. The festival is family-friendly but recommended for those 9 and older.

Tickets for the event are $5 per person; IHP members can attend for free. Running time for the collection of films is 75 minutes.

Here is the lineup provided by IHP:


Argentina/6.5 min/2010/Juan Pablo Zaramella/Stop-Motion/No dialogue

In a world controlled and timed by light, one man has a plan that could change destiny. This stop motion short took home awards at more than 200 international film festivals.

"At the Opera"

Argentina/1 min/2011/Juan Pablo Zaramella/Animated/English subtitles

A film about a particularly moving night at the opera.


Colombia/8 min/2012/Carlos Smith Rovira/Animated/No dialogue

While sleeping at her grandmother’s house in the countryside, a little city girl becomes spooked by the wrinkled, weather-worn old woman and the unfamiliar surroundings. In this animated fable, she learns that it is our roots that give us strength.

"My Queen"

Brazil/11 min/2008/Cecilia Amado/Sub/Live-Action/Portuguese with English subtitles

A young girl looks forward to her big debut: flag-dancing in the Rio de Janeiro carnival.  Things don’t turn out the way she imagined, however.


Argentina/3.5 min/2007/Juan Pablo Zaramella/Animated/No dialogue

A curious nun ventures into the darker side of her animated world.

"Inflatable Granma"

Spain/9 min/2009/Telmo Esnal/Live-Action/Basque and Euskara with English subtitles

On a family camping trip, the kids are driving their parents crazy. Dad knows just what to do.

"Journey to Mars"

Argentina/16 min/2004/Juan Pablo Zaramella/Animated/Spanish with English subtitles

Antonia dreams of traveling to Mars. Lucky for the aspiring space cadet, his grandfather has an enchanted tow truck that can take him there. 

When others laugh at his supposed adventure, however, Antonio begins to doubt himself. Not until many years later, when his own son is dreaming of interplanetary escapades, does Antonio finally discover the truth behind his out-of-this-world excursion.

"Grandma Grasshopper"

Bolivia/Denmark/13 min/2010/Denis Chapon/Animated/No dialogue

When Abuela Grillo sings, rain falls and the crops grow. However, when flooding brings hardship to the farmers, she decides to leave. Only then, do the villagers realize how much they needed her. 


Mexico/7 min/2012/Liliana Torres/Live-Action/Spanish with English subtitles

It is the day of Vianney’s quinceanera, her fifteenth birthday, and she is getting ready for her party. Things do not go as planned and, despite the best efforts of parents and friends, no one can change the fact that she is “not alright."

The documentary "Wall Writers," which traces the history of graffiti, will also be screened at IHP on June 25.

Best of Spanish and Latin American Short Films

Saturday, June 25
2 p.m. | $5 per person
International House Philadelphia’s Ibrahim Theater
3701 Chestnut St.