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October 16, 2016

WATCH: Trump, Clinton shameless in 'SNL' replay of 'worst ever' town hall debate

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101616_TrumpClintonSNL Source/Saturday Night Live

"SNL" gives another look at historically wrenching town hall debate.

In what has been a red-hot start to the 42nd season of "Saturday Night Live," Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon continue their splendid run for the U.S. presidency, nailing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a way few comedians have achieved in elections past.

As the 2016 election sinks further into a pile of snowballing allegations, hysterically laughing off the finale of a grueling campaign season may be the only way to vote with a straight face on November 8. An always helpful "SNL" crew decided to revisit last week's excruciating town hall debate at Washington University in St. Louis, peeling back any semblance of reflexive decor that may have accompanied the event.

Donald Trump calls SNL spoof 'hit job,' calls for end of show

America got some good things out of that town hall, to be sure. We got to see a sulking Donald Trump. We got to see Anderson Cooper bear his teeth. We got Kenneth Bone, who went from instant national adoration to "just a dude" apologizing for old Reddit comments in a matter of days.

And now, we have this gem for the annals of presidential satire.