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January 30, 2016

WATCH: University of Delaware police parody Drake in 'Copline Bling'

Video uses hit song to educate students about staying safe

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university of Delaware police drake video University of Delaware Police Department/YouTube


Get ready to either be mildly entertained or let out an uncomfortable groan, because yet another local law enforcement agency has decided to parody Drake in a PSA.

The latest spoof, from the University of Delaware Police Department, uses the rapper's hit song "Hotline Bling" in an effort to tell students that, well, you can call them if you're in trouble.

Several officers are employed in changing the song's lyrics and awkwardly dancing to remind those who attend the university to call their "blue phones" if they feel unsafe.

The Blue Hens' mascot, YoUDee, even makes an appearance, and at one point is inexplicably seen covered in shadows with a chain around its neck (1:59 mark). You can watch the video, entitled "#CoplineBling," below:

In all fairness, the message is an important one. Plus, the video is pretty funny and surprisingly well done. The only thing is the Philadelphia Police Department already brilliantly used "Hotline Bling" to remind people not to save parking spots. Here's a tip for the next police department wanting to channel Drake: use a different song.