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August 04, 2015

Watch: Video surfaces of Drake, Will Smith and Kanye West laughing at Meek Mill memes

Plus, Drake teases third diss track

Salt, meet wound.

As if the back-to-back diss tracks weren't enough, Drake opted to invite Philadelphia's Will Smith over Meek Mill to his sixth annual Ovo Fest in Toronto on Sunday, where he also hosted Kanye West. Video surfaced online overnight that appears to show the three laughing along at Meek Mill memes on a smartphone.

It's difficult to tell in the video whether it is, in fact, a Meek Mill meme they're bonding over, but considering Drake opened his Ovo Fest show with second diss trackĀ "Back to Back" and a rotation of Meek Mill memes in the background (below), it's hardly a stretch.

"You did it to yourself," Drake said during the concert of Mill's Internet embarrassment. "I'd never let anyone disrespect my city."

Moreover, Drake teased at a concert Monday night that a third track is on its way. According to The New York Times, the track is called "3Peat."

Philadelphia rapper Louie V. Gutta, meanwhile, tweeted a claim Monday night that he's written "a lot" of tracks for Meek Mill -- though, he's only officially credited for the song "Rich and Famous" on Mill's album "Dreams and Nightmares." The feud with Drake, remember, originally started over claims that Drake uses ghostwriters for many of his tracks.

No word on whether Mill will release a second diss track, after his first was so unfavorably received. He's also been noticeably absent from Twitter since July 29.

Anyone starting to feel a tad bit sorry for Meek Mill?