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October 24, 2016

We Love Television: Here’s what's hot to watch this week

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Stephen Yeun The Walking Dead PhillyVoice

What's next for Glenn on 'The Walking Dead'?

"NCIS" (CBS) Still reeling from last week’s run-in with the Tugboat Killer, the boat detectives investigate another murder, this time on a catamaran.

"Black Mirror" (Netflix) A smartphone addresses the U.N.

"The Walking Dead" (AMC) Maggie breaks into a hat store and gives Glenn a surprise makeover.

"Talking Dead" (AMC) An exhausted Chris Hardwick blinks out a message in Morse code, probably some sort of promotional thing. Special guests: Kevin Smith and Ken Bone.

"How to Get Away with Murder" (ABC) Professor Annalise Keating becomes suspicious of the new student who comes to class gnawing on a femur. 

"The Big Bang Theory" (CBS) Everybody’s favorite nerds — bazowie! — visit a water park and witness a drowning.

  • SET YOUR DVRS! — It's our pick of the week!
  • "The Voice" (NBC)  
  • The celebrity judges team up to sabotage the career of a promising newcomer. Also: CeeLo returns, dripping wet and tangled in seaweed.

"The Goldbergs" (ABC) Local bloggers take screenshots of Geno’s wrappers and Flyers logos in the season premiere of this bleak family comedy. Special guest star: Randall Cunningham jersey.

"Real World: Tiny House" (MTV) Tempers flare when one of the housemates adopts a Great Dane.

"Blue Bloods" (CBS) A sentient mustache criticizes the eating habits of its host face.

“Swipe Right for Murder” (LFT) Lifetime original movie starring Emily Kinney, Jane Kaczmarek and Ken Bone. A frazzled barista tries online dating. 

"Crawl space Invaders!" (HGTV) Experts help eccentric loners streamline their storage rooms. The search for interior decorator and co-host Kimmi enters its third week.