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October 21, 2016

Weckerly's created a Halloween ice cream sandwich

Only available for a limited time

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Weckerly's "Veil of Shadows" Kristina Beese/Weckerly's Ice Cream

Halloween treats shouldn't be limited to candy.

First, gelato got a spooky makeover at Capogiro. Now, Weckerly's Ice Cream is releasing a limited edition Halloween flavor. Apparently, cold treats are the new hot item for Halloween.

Beginning Oct. 21, the Philadelphia-based micro-creamery will offer the “Veil of Shadows” sandwich at all locations Weckerly's Ice Cream products are sold for a limited time.

The new treat features caramel ice cream and handmade white marshmallow fluff sandwiched between two pieces of dark chocolate "bark” dotted with roasted peanuts, pretzel pieces and crisped rice. 

When unwrapping the ice cream sandwich, check to see if the marshmallow fluff was made with "black void" marshmallows. Weckerly's describes them as "black as a starless night."

Only 36 sandwiches will be made with them. Those who unwrap the special sandwiches are eligible for a free scoop from Weckerly's Ice Cream's brick-and-mortar shop on Girard Avenue when it opens.