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July 11, 2017

Who needs Amazon Prime Day? Here are 10 free things on Philly Craigslist

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Free stuff Craigslist/.

A sampling of the free stuff you can get on Philly Craigslist.

As you may know since you are currently on the internet, Tuesday is Amazon Prime Day, a 30-hour span when the online retailer offers big deals on its wide variety of products (the best of which can be found here, by the way).

Thing is, Prime Day still requires you to "buy" things with "money," an ordeal that I'm certain seems just as unpleasant to you as it does to me.

Instead, why don't we take a whirl through Philly Craigslist's free section for the best/weirdest/most impractical items you can get for no cost at all — sans likely having to pick it up, of course. 

I've listed the location next to each item. Note: Many of these items will likely disappear sometime in the near future once the seller takes them down/they get claimed. But you can always find interesting stuff for yourself on the website's free section.

Hamster - Chester Springs


A free hamster on Philly Craigslist.

That's right, a real live hamster! The listing says the little guy is in need of a "loving home," a qualification pet owners make that always baffles me. What type of animal would be in need of a non-loving home?

Wooden playground - Norristown

Craigslist /.

A free wooden playground on Philly Craigslist.

It would obviously be a pain in the butt to get this thing out of the ground, but considering wooden playgrounds are essentially disappearing, it would be totally worth it.

Fancy-looking pool table - Manayunk


A free pool table on Philly Craigslist.

Free if you can move, and looks a bit nicer than the one I paid $50 for.

Boat — Glenside


A free boat on Philly Craigslist.

Comes with the motor. It's 13 feet long, you get to be the annoying person who sings this on your maiden voyage.

Emptied-out arcade game — Southampton


A free frame of an arcade game on Philly Craigslist.

The actual game part has been taken out of the frame. But think about how cool this would be repurposed as a television stand in your hip Fishtown loft?

Tiny house — Horsham


A tiny house for free on Philly Craigslist.

This is listed as a "children's doll house," which is odd because it is very clearly just a shed, so I'll compromise and call it a tiny house. You'll need to remove it yourself.

A coffin "art piece" — South Philly


A free coffin 'art piece' on Philly Craigslist.

If this listing wasn't creepy enough, it also notes the coffin has a fake shark bite at the bottom and suggests you put a "skinny person" in it. Think of how cool this would be at your Halloween party!

Hot tub — West Chester


A free hot tub on Philly Craigslist.

It says it "needs cleaning" in the description, which seems like an understatement.

Chickens - Malvern


One of five free chickens on Philly Craigslist.

More animals. There are five chicks, including two males, although no word on whether they need a loving home.

Air hockey table — Warrington


A free air hockey table on Philly Craigslist.

"Works great," according to the listing. A fun addition to your basement until you lose the puck, which will inevitably happen.

Honorable mentions

• A stack of old Oprah Magazines

• Empty wine bottles

• "Junk" tires

• Dirt